We are currently busy documenting our forthcoming developer API. Feel free to keep checking in at to see where we are at any given moment. At a minimum, we are providing access to application developers with the following resources:

    • Cars (api/{version}/cars/) – The Cars resource allows access to specific information about your cars or the publicly available information about other FUZZYLUKE members’ cars. In addition, we offer the ability to upload OBD-2 data directly to your account, so you can start collecting data from your favorite application.


  • Trouble Codes (api/{version}/codes/) – The Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) resource is an un-authenticated API to allow any developer programmatic access to up-to-the-minute information about a given trouble code. In the future we will be adding repair recommendations to this resource.

We are using the fine django-piston module to provide our API services, which means you’ll be able to enjoy RESTful access to our data in multiple formats, including JSON, XML, YAML and more. At the moment, we are limiting to JSON access while we work out all the kinks.